Reservoir Capital Corp. REO:CNX

December 11, 2018

Mr. Lewis Reford is a veteran energy industry and corporate finance professional with considerable experience in the renewable energy space. In August 2016, Mr. Reford was asked to serve as acting CEO of the Company. Since August 2014, Mr. Reford has also served as a Partner with Solar Ship Inc., a private aviation development company pioneering solar electric flight. Previously, Mr. Reford served as Chief Executive Officer of Schneider Power Inc., a renewable energy developer that listed on the TSXV in 2008 that was ultimately acquired by a US strategic buyer in 2010.

Contact: 416-399-2274 or email

Reservoir Capital Corp. (“Reservoir”) is a clean power investment vehicle concentrating on operational power projects located in frontier regions. Its primary investment is a 1.3% economic interest in Mainstream Energy Solutions Limited, Nigeria’s leading producing hydropower company, which offers the prospect of an ongoing dividend stream, no project development risk and immediate diversification. Reservoir’s investment strategy, relying on the experience and contacts of its Board and management, targets regular income over long periods, as well as substantial capital growth in the medium term, by acquiring carefully selected minority economic interests, at attractive valuations, to create a balanced portfolio of producing or near production clean power assets in frontier markets.

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