Nerds on Site Inc. (NERD:CSE)

December 11, 2018

Mr. Eugene Konarev is a director of Nerds On Site. Eugene is a professional financier, with significant capital market experience. Eugene was the architect of Nerds on site financial plan leading to IPO, and was a point person in the process of the IPO.


1-877-778-2335 or via email


Established in 1995, in London, Ontario, Canada by a pair of self-proclaimed nerds (John Harbarenko and David Redekop) with a single focus, Nerds On Site expanded rapidly in the London, ON market. Fast-forward and that rapid expansion has continued at top VW Beetle speed, leaving a trail of red shirts across Canada and into the United States. To date, Nerds On Site has serviced over 100,000 clients and has a Client Satisfaction Rating of 96.5%. And the company is now public.

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