Captiva Verde Land Corp. PWR:CNX

December 11, 2018

Jeff Ciachurski is the principal executive officer and advisor representing the operating and management team to the board of directors.He formulates the mission statement and growth plans, appoints and designates senior management personnel, defines geographic areas of responsibility and engages senior independent consultants.

Mr. Ciachurski maintains continuous and proactive relationships with leading retail and institutional shareholders, and maintains close associations with the banking and project finance community. Mr. Ciachurski launched Captiva Verde and Greenbriar after a highly successful 11 year career as founder, CEO and Director of Western Wind Energy Corp, where he built a concept with a few thousand dollars into an industry-recognized, vertically integrated, renewable energy owner and operator which he sold to Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners for $420 Million cash in March 2013, returning a repetative 60% annual CAGR on assets each and every year for 11 years Mr. Ciachurski established the operating and development assets in California, Arizona, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and financially led and built over 165 MW of solar and wind production and 360 MW of advanced staged assets all wholly owned by the company.

Mr. Ciachurski was awarded the Top 50 TSX Venture award in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 coming in number 2 in clean tech. Jeff is a leader in High Impact Social Investing delivering substantial returns to his shareholders since 1985.

Contact: 949-903-5906 or email:


Captiva Verde Land Corp is a sustainable real estate company that invests in land assets that contain green residential communities, disruptive manufacturing facilities, organic food production and Cannabis operations.

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